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Where will the next Spielberg come from?

With films such as Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg opened our eyes to social aspects of conflict and the human struggle that have plagued our society since the dawn of recorded time. Visual communication, in its many forms, helps us learn from our past, appreciate the present and prepare for the future. We can only hope that this tradition of storytelling will continue in future generations. By preparing our children now, we can ensure that visual storytelling will continue to spiritually edify and intellectually inform society. There is only one question left to ask, what is your child doing now to prepare to tell visual tales for the future.?

According to recent surveys, 24% of the 34.3 million child and teen internet users are visiting virtual worlds each month, the numbers of youth passively watching internet content has grown exponentially and is expected to climb even further in the future. This unbelievable amount of youthful Internet traffic can be directed toward learning rather than couch-potato observation. Your child as you well know has a world of stories to tell and with the advancing of technology providing ease of use and your child’s inherent savvy for all that is new, this opportunity of important and relevant expression is more accessible than ever before.

Kid-generated video is a stepping-stone to opening your child to a world of experience, learning and opportunity. It allows them to express themselves in a format that is familiar to them and through uploading this creative material it creates an active scholastic playground for other children their age and the Internet in general. Being able to communicate their world hones the analytical talents of your youngster and allows them to define their experience in realistic terms that will give them necessary social skills, develop their ideas of commitment and increase their awareness of their surroundings.

Many major media provision sites have seen the light of future media generation and distribution and provide an online venue for your child to offer their ideas to others in an informative and palatable format. Companies like Yahoo, Google, and Disney have opened their content doors to facilitate your child’s creative adventure. With popular children’s programs like iCarly, your child has the opportunity to take advantage of online venues to share their ideas with others and start forums of discussion that are both enjoyable and relevant to their lives.

Sensing this growth in expression, companies are also gearing their video equipment for use in a youthful environment, by providing easy operation and durability to allow your child to perform their video exploration with both acumen and safety. The options provided are extensive and this equipment can be sold in packages that allow your child to create, edit and upload their material with built in solutions. This allows your child to concentrate on their creation rather than having to spend frustrating hours in the set-up process.

For instance, Toyquest is at the forefront of kid-generated video equipment with their provision of the product known as the RipRoar Creative Station. This kid-generated video package contains the basics combined with extras that will open a treasure trove of creative possibilities for your child. It includes an easy-to-use camera, tripod, editing and FX software, green screen and a built-in uploading capability that allows your child to automatically submit their material online. It is designed for kids that are 10 and above, providing an avenue of creativity that will allow them to define and express their world and communicate issues that are important to them in a enjoyable environment, turning them from passive viewers into positive contributors. Artistic creation not only will develop their growing mind and soul, but it will also prepare them for entrance into society as active participants who are willing to engage their world for the better.