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Highlights from Our Animation Festival

Here’s a re-post of the clips from our Animation Festival in New York last night. As per many of you requested, her’s the 16 world premieres and standing room only fest in NY! We could have run the city for days on their energy. You had to be there, but this is the next best thing. I am very proud. Another 200 kids are now film makers, stars, and distributors!

“Filmmaker + Distribution Channel = Audience” said the 5 year old…

I was invited to a local film center to help organize “clay animation day” this past weekend. Young people ages 5-12 were given modeling clay, pipe cleaners, and about ten minutes under a camera stand with a real animator to produce a short piece of animated business.

Worth noting is how many asked, “this is going to be on Youtube, right?” Five year olds asked. Ten year olds asked. The parents didn’t. The kids came through the door as distributors already, couldn’t wait to show their “audience”. The parents were glad to be killing a Saturday afternoon.

The young people “got it” immediately. For most of them, this was their first ever experience with animation. But they were veterans of the new media distribution system. They’d been watching other people’s short films on Youtube since birth. It was time to create their own. Their enthusiasm was riotously infectious.

Something tells me this one activity will generate as much traffic as anything else the film center has posted on Youtube. When fifty young producers get the chance to get the word out via email, facebook, etc., and their agents (parents) put topspin on the process, their audience of loved ones will adore their efforts, however limited.

This dynamic, for those of you who’ve followed my rants for the past two years, is the basic thrust of this blog, ie. whether you are a doctor, a collector, or a grandma – you are a channel with the opportunity to produce and distribute relevant, anticipated, content for your audience…however small, however non-traditional.

The animations below will be unbearable for those of you who don’t know the filmmakers. But for those who do. They are priceless.  Have a niche day.

Ten Year Olds Create Animated Masterpieces

This evening I’ll host a children’s film festival at a local theater. I’ve enjoyed helping young people create their own animated movies for years now, and the thrill of seeing them walk down the red carpet never dissipates.

Here’s a sample of what a youngster can accomplish with a little help, using simple paper cut-outs, basic editing and the condenser microphone built into the computer. I’ll post tomorrow about how the festivities unfolded. Meantime, enjoy this from a past festival.

Buh Buh Buh Bing Crosby Gets It White

Years ago, upon finding my soon-to-be wife had never seen a Bing Crosby movie, I took her to see “Hear Comes the Groom” when it was playing at the local art house during a 50’s retrospective fest. I grew up watching the Road pictures. I thought she needed to see Bing in action. So a date it was.

She hates Bing now. “Hear Comes the Groom” was a weak, convoluted plot executed for no other reason than to have Bing sing two or three VERY out of place tunes. It was a “vehicle” picture where the Bing dialed it in. Not one of Frank Capra’s best. (for instance, it just happens that on a plane trip Bing takes from Europe to America, a USO band is riding along too, with Louis Armstrong, Phil Harris, and a host of other biggies from that era. Of course they break into a song which has nothing to do with the plot, the characters, etc. Out of left field. They have their instruments too! Right in the isle. My wife’s most unfavorite scene)

She has never been able to get over it. Ironically, the only Christmas song she can play by memory from piano lesson days is White Christmas.

In Holly’s honor, I give you: