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Hits Schmitz. Quality vs. Quantity

In a recent debate amongst friends, the subject of hits came up. One side arguing they could deliver hits, hits, hits, on on a YouTube campaign, with Google Ad Words campaigns, e-mail campaign, etc. The assumption being “hits” is what brings in business. (Or at least enables them to charge more for fees)

One fellow made a quip that podcasting gets very few hits and is an ineffective marketing tool, done mostly for show.  This was responded to by a fellow who had a podcast for Internet marketers and had already landed advertisers on his podcast and he had less than 1,000 total subscribers to that podcast.

How could this be? Monetizing a podcast with only a few hundred hits?

The reason, he stated, was that the advertisers asked him if he could deliver at least 100 Internet marketing executives as an audience.  He said he can deliver three times that.  The people who listen to his podcast are so prequalified that the advertiser knew that they were not going to be broadcasting and hoping that 50% of their advertising hit the right ears.  This podcaster could deliver not only hundreds of people but hundreds of highly focused executives who make purchasing decisions.

So the point here is that quantity is misleading.  A total volume of a million hits means nothing if you cannot articulate who those hits are, figure out how to sell a product to those hits, etc.  Conversion of those hits into loyal long-time customers who have given you their “permission” to market to them is the gold standard in Internet.

A podcast, a blog, or a website who has 2,500, 2,000, even as little as 500 loyal, subscribing, constantly listening devotees is a worthwhile and potential income producing opportunity.

SEO Infinite Suggestions

SEO is a field not short on info overload. I’ve just sat down to do research on SEO for this blog. Three hours later I’ve come to this conclusion: I’m doing it all wrong, and if I’m doing it right, I’ll have no life.

So to do it right, this is what I’ve learned:

• Get a real domain name and host a wordpress blog on that domain. Why? Better search engine rankings. Don’t do what I’m doing here, ie letting wordpress.com host the blog.

• Start a podcast to point people to your blog. Register the podcast with all the directories. Point them back to your site.

• Start a squidoo, wikipedia, guru.com page and point people to your blog. Why? To become known as the expert in your field

• Create a video about your blog and post it through TubeMogul to at least 12 video hosting sites. Make sure the blog is mentioned and it’s URL is prominent in the video

• Log onto Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, etc., from three different computers and start a conversation about your blog in the forums, comment pages,  etc.

• Use social bookmarking pages to point people to your site. Digg, del.ic.ous, stumbleupon, etc.
• Write and register your blog posts in article directories to drive traffic from those directories back to your website.

• Do not start a website, rather start a blog, give away content for free and charge for speaking engagements and forgoe the headache of a blog.

• Create a membership site to which you can re-route the subscribers to your blog via a newsletter. Think about the next three products you will market to the members and start creating them now.

• Fire your PR firm and get the traffic yourself by doing all the above.

I’m drifting a little here. The choices are bewildering. I’m looking for clear sources to help focus my efforts in a helpful, focused way.

To be continued…