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Digital Moms and Social Media Part 1: Beyond Email and Google…


You are a mom. You consider yourself high-tech, or at least getting that way fast. You have children who are digital natives. You are an immigrant in their world.

Which technologies are you most likely to use in their digital world?

Email? Probably a given. Facebook? A lot more this year than last. These get you to other moms and their kids.

How about Instant Messaging or Texting?

Do you have a blog? Can you explain what RSS means? Do you browse the web on your mobile device? Do you video or audio podcast?

Which of the afore mentioned channels do you use if you are a mom in your 20’s? 30’s? 40’s?

RazorFish’s latest publication gives crisp data to these and many other questions. The landscape is changing as high-tech moms increasingly reduce the gap between their channels and the channels of their children. One sample chart is worth a look: (can’t see the small numbers?… click on the chart to go to the report)