How Old are You in Internet Years?

Back in the dot com days, I mused that a year working in the tech sector was more like dog years, i.e. each dot com year = 7 years. We live in a stable, less crazed world now. I think it is maybe like 3 years.

Many people I speak to are over 35; school administrators, teachers, event planners, outreach supervisors, festival founders, etc. They were 20-25 during Web 1.0. Contrary to what the Web 2.0 generation thinks, these oldsters don’t act like their age in internet years. They know it is never too late to change direction, to start something new, to test-test-test, ready, fire, aim-aim-aim. They may not pull as many all-nighters, but they know it is not too late.

Sometimes though, things can get discouraging when you are say, 42 or 52 or 62 and are trying to get a new online presence off the ground. In these wobbly moments, go here and type in your age.

You’ll be encouraged by the accomplishments of others at any age you key in.

Also, remember Jacquie Lawson. She picked up the internet at 67, designed ecards for her friends, and now at 76 has at least 500,000 people sending her elaborate ecards to over 21,000,000 people each year.

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