What would Mozart’s Father do?

With the ease of technology as it applies to the net, the options of content creation have become easily accessible by kids. Kids are making video and posting it on the web. A host of website give kids the opportunity to express themselves in ways that are now turning them from passive spectators to captains of there own content, giving them the opportunity to hone their multimedia skills and join the world that is thriving around them.

There are millions of kids who surf the Internet on a daily basis. Recent studies suggest 9% of those are children between the ages of nine to twelve, creating original content that is both entertaining and relevant to their world, but also significant to the web in general. 33% of that particular demographic are planning to launch their own websites within the year. This population of content-creating kids is going to increase dramatically.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of this technological opportunity and allow your child to flower their creative ideas. Why now? Well Mozart began composing his timeless and beautiful works at the age of five! Well we’re way past the age of the clavier but there are computer-based avenues of content creation that are available to you child that can give them the head start in the creative world and give them the satisfaction, experience, knowledge and confidence that will set them apart, allowing them to join society as socially aware and responsible internet citizens.

Fleximusic, a reputable software developing company has heard the call of kid generated composition and audio. They have provided a wonderful new product called ‘FlexiMusic Kids Composer to assist your child in creating their first symphony of fun. With FlexiMusic, your child can learn the fundamentals of music and grow on that experience by making their own compositions and recording the result in music files that can be easily uploaded and streaming from the Internet, allowing your child to musically express themselves to the world. This content can be shared with other children, creating a network of creativity hitherto unknown to the youthful population.

Boinx.com creates a wonderful product called istopmotion. This allows a youngster to create stop-motion animation with ease and speed only dreamed of even five years ago.

See an example of what kids have produced using istommotion here.

How would Mozart’s father have promoted his prodigy today?

He’d be all over podcast, video, animation world, and he’d probably set up a membership site to develop a fan base who’d beg for his son’s newest composition, which they would get via his sites’ RSS feed.

What a great time to be a creative kid. What a great time to their parent!


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