Books from 2008

Here’s a look at the pile of books at my bedside as 2008 winds down. Seems random now, but each was part of my marketing and business education this past year. Time to get some fiction into the mix. You’ll note Pride and Prejudice as the outlier. I read it out loud to my wife, much to her delight.

Here’s the list – top to bottom of stack:

The Myth of Innovation


The Black Swan

Blue Ocean Strategy


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

A Thousand Hills

Pride and Prejudice

Harpo Speaks



Warren Buffett Bio

Getting Things Done

Made to Stick


The Way We’ll Be

A Whole New Mind

Meatball Sundae

I’ll look up the authors later, or link them up. For now, I’m off to animate with my 11 year old. We’re making a claymation with his new Christmas modeling clay. Will post when we have it finished.


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