Attention Spans for Online Video Decrease as Minutes Tick By

This interesting chart from one of our favorite sites,, shows how we tend to hang in there when watching internet video. Tubemogul measured 23 million streams on six top online video sites over two weeks.

To see something through to the end, at least online, most of us peel our peepers for only about one minute. Remember, though, this doesn’t hold for everybody. If your viewers hang in there for a  full five minutes, they may be your loyal followers. These are the ones you pay attention to most, because they honor you with the most priceless resource a viewer can give you, attention.

Though some of you think this chart is a tragic reflection of a global attention-span deficit, know that I don’t choose to share your dismay. Remember last year, Wagner’s opera THE RING sold out in every venue which performs the 17 hour production. Much of the audience was under 30. So attention was paid by viewers for eons and eras in Youtube time, by the same crowd who’d only give you a minute online.

If you make something for your online channel, this chart sings volumes.



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