Copytalk that, and Jott This Down: Secrets of the Mobile Blogger

If you are your own channel in the digital world, then any technology which makes it easier to spread your ideas and programming will be hotly lusted after. Today I recluctantly give up some secrets which have changed the way I work for ever.

But before I divulge, a short scenario;

You are driving. Slow commute or maybe a long road trip. You go into a semi-somnambulic state, staring mindlessly through your windshield. You get lost in your thoughts. The open loops of your life all present themselves. Soon you have an insight. An idea or a thought strikes like lightning, your mind races, seeing connections, synergies, or problems solved. Perhaps the exact words you should say to a boss, spouse or child come to you on the spot. Perhaps an idea for your next blog post. Perhaps the cure to cancer. Who knows. We’ve all been there. What do you do? If you are like me, in the past I’ve called in my brilliant idea and left a message on my own cell phone, or scribbled incoherent keywords on any paper I could find on the seat next to me.

Last month I had 127 such moments.

Good news is, I have them all in my email inbox under the “brilliant ideas” folder, as text files. And, here’s the best news, I didn’t have to key them in from my voice-mail. I didn’t outsource the keying-in via a virtual assistant or a dictation service, and most importantly I made these notes seconds after the idea presented itself.

This has made all the difference in keeping up on blog posts, on lesson plan ideas, on presentation concepts, and on and on.

My secret weapon? and  Copytalk allows up to four mintues of speaking at a time, Jott only 15-30 seconds, but both deliver instant notation from a cell phone and the results show up in your inbox within the hour. is designed for short notes, for longer musings. Jott’s basic package is free. Copytalk starts at 80.00 per month.

I’m not getting any affliate cash from promoting these two companies. I’ve used them both variably over the past year and they have changed the way I work. I’ve scratched the surface of what can be done. Other benefits include text to speech, multiple emails broadcasts, transribing of mp3s, etc.

Check it out, and capture the essense of your great ideas as soon they pop into your head.

BTW, this post was created from my cell phone, and tweaked later in email. Nifty, eh?

2 responses to “Copytalk that, and Jott This Down: Secrets of the Mobile Blogger

  1. Oh my god this is brilliant Joe. I keep a tiny notebook on me and I invariably forget it, get another, lose that one too, then continue making notes and usually can’t remember which book, what pages …but most of them get captured tho not necessarily acted on! Hope you guys are all well – big hugs for the boys. See you in a few weeks!!! 🙂

  2. Can I recommend checking out Mobile Assistant ( I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and they’ve proven their strength in Mobile Dictation! I’ve never received any “garbled” text either!

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