My Ode to Apple’s MobileMe Launch Failure

This week Apple moved all .Mac customers over to MobielMe, their new cloud computing email service. This coincided with the launch of the new iPhone. I have not been able to retrieve email for four days from the Apple servers. Apple claims only 1% of all users have had service interruption. I’ve been on boards, forums, and chats about this all weekend. I seriously doubt Apple’s loyal fans will forgive them anytime soon. Many many iPhone and .Mac users have been affected.

Since no one at Apple has been able to address my concerns, I’ve decided that sometimes service can be so insanely frustrating, so ineptly and dishonestly deployed, and so vehmently denied by a provider that a user has to make a video for youtube in protest. Here is mine:


9 responses to “My Ode to Apple’s MobileMe Launch Failure

  1. Sheer brilliance. Thanks for that it pretty well sums up how I felt/feel.

  2. Almost filled my mac email address in there! That would have been pointless eh?
    Very nice video, agree 100%

    Google rules right now sadly…..

  3. proper nice1!!! gmail me, too. shame, though…

  4. Very Funny Stuff! I feel the same way.

  5. You’re all nuts. I update my account and transferred all date by 7, July (as requested my Apple in an e-mail to .Mac users). I the software update changed my accounts on 11, July between 6 and 7 am, and my iPhone 3G has functioned flawlessly since. Calendar, e-mail, bookmarks, account setting all push perfectly and instantly – I’ve even given demos. My POP accounts Fetch (rather than push) and also work perfectly. My only adjustment was to an SMTP that AT&T prefers. Sorry that you’re all so unhappy.

  6. Learn to spell.

  7. Thanks for the comments. I continue to not have any access to email sent to me via Mobileme, either at home or on the road through a browser.

    I really wanted to like this service.


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