Rwanda Here We Come, Get Ready to Animate!

I am leaving today for Rwanda. My boys and I are teaching Rwandan kids how to create their own media channels. They are creating animations for awareness of the mountain gorillas in their country. We are going to help them animate their own stories about their most valuable natural resource and one of the main sources of income to this rebuilding nation…eco-tourism.

We’ll post our adventures as we find time to breath. We have quite an agenda and it is a very high honor to be trusted with teaching these fine people the art of visual persuasion.

More Later


2 responses to “Rwanda Here We Come, Get Ready to Animate!

  1. Hi Joe, I just found your blog! I have written a couple of posts about Rwanda, the naming ceremony, the unforgettable gorilla trek, Miza and the animations – check it out on
    Oh, I almost forgot, my 15 year old son is totally addicted to Istopmotion and has produced a hilarious series of shorts using home made play dough with a character he simply calls Mr. Head. It’s still early days but he already wants the advanced and more expensive version of the software! He’s looking for advice on clay animation and forums etc to show his work…any advice would be much appreciated. Hugs Paula xx

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