New Media and Your Career

With all the new media tools at our disposal, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is, how can I use this new media to serve my career objectives? I say, how do you organize and re-orient your career objectives to be served by new media. You have to think fundamentally different about a career moving forward. You have to be thinking like a media outlet — we are all marketers now, we are all sales people now, we are all producers, we are all visual artists, we are all videographers, we are all copyrighters.

You need to think of yourself in terms of the way a customer will find you. In the past it may have been the yellowpages. Today it is Google. Not only that, but once found, can you serve an increasingly mobile, interconnected world and meet it’s needs?

Now, Google delivers information most people use when they want to find out more about almost anything. In fact, if you get a resume into somebody’s hands, more often than not they will Google your name if you are being considered. So how do you control what people see on Google?

Blogs are the current best way. Blogs are becoming the new, best CMS (content management system) out there. They are not only a conversation with customers, i.e. customer service, they are also great at database building, video streaming, audio podcasting, etc. In other words, your channel!

How do you serve this channel? Build a business which is built for this model and you’ll be on the right track. Structure your job search as if it is a conversation on television. But don’t do this halfheartedly. Dangling a blog on a current business and returning to business as usual is not what we are talking about.

Here is an example of a traditional business/profession which has retooled to be a new media version of itself.

Once you catch this kind of vision, it will be difficult to go back to doing things that don’t look like a channel.


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