Simple, Elegant Peer to Peer Microeconomic Case Studies

If you could start up a business with little capital, doing something you love, and take it to profitablility within a year, would that be interesting? How about making an income worthy of a corporate executive without having to manage a fleet of employees or climb the corporate ladder?


So make your own channel, create your own media, broadcast to the niche which loves what you do. Collect their consenting emails and everytime you post something new, let them know.

Here are three small companies, one to four people strong, which have done this beautifully.

One from kids:
One from an adult:
One from a senior citizen;

Jacquie Lawson picked up the classic P2p business model in her late 60’s. She now makes 5 million per year at 72. Producer, director, animator, channel owner.

These are the early adopters of the microeconomics which will be a huge part of the global economy in the years to come. Start your own channel now and use your talents and skills to become something more than a cube slave.


2 responses to “Simple, Elegant Peer to Peer Microeconomic Case Studies

  1. Jacquie Lawson’s website is doing so well now that the domain belongs to American Greetings!

  2. Thanks for passing that along. I’d missed that.
    This is news! As are the look-alikes that have followed in her shoes.

    Great info.

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