New Media Cart before the Horse

With the seemingly infinite variety of social networking tools and online marketing techniques, it seems a bit overwhelming when you want to apply them to your organization, your marketing plan, your business plan, etc. In fact much time is wasted today doing new media strategy that simply doesn’t apply to the focus of your job, your work, or your career-seeking. New media does not provide a magic bullet for everybody that uses it, and many people have actually decided to just go back to e-mail rather than to dip into Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Squidoo, LinkedIn, etc. It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, new media is not magic at all. What’s magic is when you have your authentic mission/self to be discovered by those outlets or organizations that can use your authentic abilities. So instead of putting the cart before the horse, which is new media before your authentic self or purpose. Define you service or mission clearly first, then select the new media tools that serve your purposes. A clear niche, target market and focus will turn shotgun new media marketing into rifle shots at your intended target.

Then pick one tool. Myspace, Youtube, Squidoo, etc. Baby step through it’s process. Finish. Pick another. Repeat. By years’ end you’ll have a steady stream of pre-approved traffic babbling your way. You’ll be “discovered” by your customers and you’ll find a large percentage are there for good.


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