Peer to Peer or Consumer to Consumer Microeconomics Overview

Peer to per microeconomics refers to the phenomenon, enabled by the Internet, wherein people with similar interests and similar focuses in the professional world, the non professional world, the family world, religious world, etc. buy, trade, and share goods with each other. eBay has provided this kind of forum for a decade now. But today this is atomizing. Peer to peer (P2P) can be something as small as a one person with a podcast or blog and their followers.  Offer a product, consulting or coaching to those 300 or 400 people and many are sure to sign-up. This happens all the time. Exciting examples of this are,,, and In each case, they started out with a passion, developed a small following (by television standards) and now are doing what they love full time. The exciting thing is that there are no age limits and no real demographics. It’s all about psychographics, so peer to peer really refers to your peers psychographically. Those interested in the types of things you are interested in.

In the mass media culture of the last century, if you wanted to market Barbies, you would probably focus on girls six to twelve as your demographics. In the new peer to per microeconomics, if you collect Barbies, your audience is other Barbie collectors. If you have a blog about collecting Barbies, if you have a podcast, or if you do some sort of video journal about collecting Barbies, you will attract people who enjoy collecting Barbies. They will be anywhere from ages 8 to 80 years old. And if you decide to sell a collectible Barbie, you will receive payments from people aged eight to eighty. Peer to peer microeconomics is birds of a feather microeconomics.


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