Your digital channel is “New Trend” says Harvard. No kidding.

I noticed the other day Harvard Business Review’s trends for 2008. One they have identified as P2P, peer-to-peer, microeconomics. For anybody who has been in internet marketing for the past 2-3 years, this is not news. but Harvard has given a business-speak acronym to “having your own channel” entrepreneurship. This “trend” has been building for 2-3 years, of course. Early adopters and insiders have been the core of the movement, but now it seems it’s going mainstream and institutional. What does this mean? Well, it means official recognition that getting a micro-sized audience for your passion and then asking them to purchase something from you has become mainstream. Expect another year or two before everybody is doing it. Time to start your channel. To the mainstreamers who hope on board, you’ll be the an expert just by starting.


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