Cultivating, fertilizing, gathering. Successful digital media follows law of the harvest.

The Internet allows us to cultivate relationships across the social networks. Traditionally marketers mine, attack and plunder our attention. Now its cultivation – it’s about you as the marketer getting out of the way and let your customers talk to each other and let them talk to their customers. It’s a conversation – cultivation through conversation. There’s always new stuff to try, but orchestrating the social book marking sites, orchestrating the Facebook, the Linked In’s, Twitter’s, etc. Youtube has at least 62 “me toos” from which to choose. Pick one and cultivate there. You can map out from that point.  Once you’ve gathered your friends, it is easier to go to the farmers market and interact with new friends. If you are a traditionaly ‘hunter” rather than a gatherer, here’s how you think of it…Instead of shot gun. think rifle.


Instead of cultivating a tomato plant in 23 different gardens, why not get really good at growing your own tomato garden and then selling starts, giving starts to other places and seeing how your message can grow there.

When you start small, you cultivate by hand and learn the lay of the land in a visceral way. Be patient and you’ll be riding a John Deere harvester eventually.


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