Free! The new way to make money?

For those who’ve read this blog for a time, you know I’ve required reading, The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson. It’s in my blogroll too. If you want to understand why all this niche/internet thing works, it is a must read. Now I have required “watching” of Chris Anderson. Watch this to see his latest thinking on, “Free”. From my perspective, he’s dead-on. (There is just a little problem with the phone carriers, so watch the Q&A at the end to understand.)

Basically, it’s, “give it all away for free and find unique ways to create scarcity to monetize later.”

Something many of you already know, but he gives it it’s full due in this lecture. Enjoy.


One response to “Free! The new way to make money?

  1. Thanks for the blog, Joe. I check your blog every week and each post is very interesting! I too, have read the Long Tail, and has helped me a lot.

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