On Clouds, the iPhone, and the Future

When I fly, I often ask for a window seat if the departure lines up with a sunrise or a sunset. I have never lost my amazement for being able to look down on clouds. How long have we been flying now? 100+ years. What a mind-blowing experience it must have been to be above the clouds for the first time. Now people read the newspaper instead. I look around and see nobody in the other window seats looking out at the amazing shapes, patterns, and storms. How do we keep these kinds of experiences fresh? We seem wired with the ability to assimilate the most amazing things and turn them into everyday, ho-hum events.

Here’s another. The iPhone, wireless connectivity, and Youtube are migrating from flat-out-cool newness, to everyday realities for the masses, at least in my mind. But they came together in a “cloud” moment this morning. My 11 year-old is the caretaker of a lizard, an Australian Bearded Dragon to be exact. My job is to buy the crickets. So I’m in line at the pet store, waiting for my crickets this morning. The young man helping me is an Apple nut. I know this and ask him what’s new. He hands me his iPhone. After a quick tutorial, I’m surfing my channel on Youtube and with two clicks I’m watching The Animation Chefs promo. While I’m in awe of a pet store assistant who owns an iPhone, more impressive was the fact that I was watching a video, my video!, wireless, standing in the back of a pet store. I handed back the iPhone and my friend handed me a bag of fresh crickets.

Think about it.


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