Santa and Infomercials.

The idea for this little number came to me while flipping channels one sleepless night. Which informercials would rub Santa the wrong way?

Perhaps the last item will seem unfamiliar to many of you.  Zamfir was an incessant infomercial about 10-15 years ago. “Sold more records than Elvis” was the boast as Zamfir flitted about on his polished pipes. The intensity of Zamphir working the panflute was comical to this viewer, but I’m sure his many devoted fans will take exception. Nontheless, this mellow animation ends with not so much a punch line, but rather a nudge-line for those who remember Zamfir. In fact, in honor of Zamfir’s fighting spirit, I don’t have Santa change the channel, but rather leave him in the  Post-Christmas nocturn, alone, with the prodigious panflouting purse of Zamfir.

(for those of you interested, this was animated in aftereffects using photoshop layers)


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