The “Keeper” Button


I’m always looking for ways to streamline the editing process. As mini camcorders evolve I’d like to see a “keeper” button. A big button on the side of the camera dedicated only to the shots you know you want to download later. If you are taking movies of a parade or a birthday party, how much footage do we take but never download or share? Yet we keep the play button on just in case. We don’t want to miss “that” moment.

Here’s the routine. During a rather mundane video recording of, say, a high school graduation, the commencement speaker falls off the podium into the audience. You get it on tape. When you stop recording, you hit the “keeper” button. At the grad party grandma gives the graduate a new car. The graduate freaks out in insanely unique ways….hit the keeper button.

That night you have 1 hour of video from graduation day, but only two keepers. Open your editing software, hit the “download keepers” button and it only downloads your keepers.

I know this feature exists. Marking time code is not new. But to have to fish through menus or do this in post-production is time consuming and not user friendly.

Just give us a big red button our thumb can get to while we are filming. This will save us hours of scrubbing and hard drive space too.


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