Read These Books! You know who you are!

Still working on porting over from my previous blop address. Be patient and my top posts will be here before too long.

Until then, note I just finished an exhilarating workshop/class out in Penn. Muhlenberg let me test drive an idea for an animation course this fall and we just viewed our movies.

Will post links after some additional post-production. I encouraged the newly minted animators, as I did at USC earlier this month, to read the following books for a birds-eye view of the possibilities for content creators in the Web. 2.37 world. (Web 2.0 is so over-used I think .37 is a far funnier number and therefore more meaningful)

you want three good books to read, books that will change the way you think about the world and the tools being invented that will change the 21-century education and economic landscapes. Read these three, in this order:

1. The World is Flat .3.0 by Thomas Friedman
2. The Long Tail by Chris Anderson
3. The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Why these three?
The World is Flat, because it gives you the BIG picture about the smallness and approximity of the global community and the changes in interconnectivity within that community as pertains to your economic future. The Long Tail because our notion of economics and what works economically requre being educated about long tail opportunities all around us.
The Four Hour Work Week because it is a great case study of someone who chooses to take advantage of the changing landscape with intense zeal, and educates us about being lifestyle-literate in profoundly counter-intuitive ways. Living from within the longtail at it’s most independent.

Come back when you’ve read these and much of what I say will start to come into focus.


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