George Lucas in your School

George Lucas who brought us the Star Wars legacy knows as well as anyone that technology and the web can provide an education form-fitted for today’s youth.  With 24% of the 34.5 million youthful internet users visiting virtual worlds at least once a month, Lucas knew that harnessing this technology and our youth’s predilection for the online experience, we can provide a forum for our children to expand their horizons.

He was so sure of this that Lucas founded the George Lucas Educational Foundation in 1991.  The GELF is a non-profit foundation geared at promoting and sustaining the advancement of education using the technological tools that our youth have become so in tune with.  The result was is a resource website for parents and teachers alike who wish to take advantage of the new media for educational purposes. provides an array of articles, media and flash-based resources that the teachers and parents can utilize to allow their children to experience the world of knowledge as it unfolds online.  It also provides video documentaries that explain concepts such as emotional intelligence, project-based learning such as kid-generated animation and technology integration in the classroom.

Your child will now be able to push the envelope of their education with literally having the world at their fingertips.  With this exposure, your child will be able to explore options not previously known to earlier generations and can focus their education on up-to-date concepts and subjects relevant to our age.

Remember how difficult it was to absorb topics when all you had to go from was a dry textbook that provided little more than data.  With this approach to education, your child can utilize their textbook knowledge and put those concepts in context with the world around them in real time.  Having this extra dimension to their education, children will be able to cement their knowledge and grow to obtain an intimate understanding of the world around them.  Kids will also be able to network with each other in a positive manner, helping each other to learn.  They will also be able to inform each other of issues that affect them in a manner that is both educational and enjoyable, increasing their understanding of the world around them and enhancing their social skills on a global level.

Edutopia also gives educators and parents a forum where they can exchange ideas regarding the education of their children, streamlining the curriculum to better reflect our changing society and educational needs.  By activating our scholastic system in this manner, our children will be able to gain a fuller understanding of and have interactivity with real world issues.

With so much of society dependant on modern technology to carry out their daily tasks, giving your child a foothold in this modern age will ensure their understanding and future success as contributing socially aware citizens in our new economy.


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