7 Billion Channels Case Study #18 – Internet Natives are Born Entrepreneurs

Here is a fine example of a youngster with their own channel. Great part about this is that the reporter refers to the successful youngster as a digital native. Some time ago the NYTimes did a feature on a young woman bringing in six figures from her webstore while in college. The interviewer asked how she was going to keep up with her college studies with all the time her internet exploits consumed.


Here’s a better question. What profession will a college degree offer you which will give you more satisfaction than doing what you love online and making more money than most attorneys?

Or how about.. Are you going to pay for your degree with Paypal?

This is a classic digital native vs. digital immigrant assumption. While entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger, the oldsters who grew up in the go-to-college-get-a-degree-work80hourweeks-retire age, still ask questions based on their world view when confronted with the unimaginable fact that a person decades their junior is making more than their salary doing business online. I know it makes me question my success assumptions everyday.


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