Is your child the next Leno?

Web content has evolved over the years to provide Internet viewers with options of self-expression that are relevant, informative and entertaining. With the advent of streaming video, the internet has opened itself up to becoming a forum for children and parents alike to inform the world of issues that are important to them, while adding a dimension of entertainment that makes what they have to say attractive to a wider audience who will benefit from the information they have to share. The possible directions that your child can take are as limitless as their imagination.

Kid generated web content in the form of broadcasted media is becoming more and more prevalent, allowing kids to create a forum of idea exchange and world exploration not known before. Being able to visually define their experiences and share their views with a multitude of online denizens will give your child the opportunity to hone their creative skills, while growing their cognitive ability and enhancing their social skills. This is far better than watching your child atrophy in front of the computer playing that mindless and possibly violent video game that has no relevance to the real world around them.

There are many online sites that provide a place for the broadcast expression of ideas such as Disney, who recently launched a children’s program that solicits original content from their viewer base for possible play on future episodes or placement on their web site as original content. Other providers such as YouTube, Google and Yahoo give your child the opportunity to create their own T.V. show and broadcast it to the world for consumption and comment. These broadcast endeavors are providing these children a foundation for a future career in entertainment that might not have otherwise available ten years ago.

With this world of opportunity, your kids now possess the ability of creating their own kid-generated multimedia and providing others with like interests with laughter and enjoyment. The extent of their contact as previously illustrated is mind boggling as video content on YouTube can reach millions of viewers. This is a tremendous educational tool that can be used in both career and social development for your child.

Even if your child doesn’t grow up to be the next David Letterman, by opening this avenue of expression, you will be giving your child the opportunity to build a solid educational foundation and the necessary varied experience that will brighten their future prospects of employment.


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