Cooking up Content

Most kids have an interest in the internet. They seem to have far more knowledge of the internet and technology than their parents in many families. While most kids are using the internet to meet friends, do school work and play games, some are taking it to another level. These kids aren’t passive consumers, but innovative and active users of online media.

Kids are creating some amazing content on the internet. They are participating in the media rather than merely watching. The experience and knowledge they are gaining will make them more globally competitive later. They are gaining important literacy skills and experience in the newest form of information delivery, niche-casting.

Kids aren’t just creating unique content for fun. They are making money at it. They are finding areas they are passionate about and they are creating content to distribute to their raving fans.. Some kids are funding their college education through money earned with their online content. These kids are gaining a valuable education in the business world while bringing in money to fund school, buy a car or save for their futures.

Check out these chefs. They are the perfect example. Notice how the parents are involved as well. They have thousands of visitors.


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